Patt'Touch - Désiré Cognac - Baby shoe


Why we love it

The cowhide leather shoe Désiré is a Clotaire and will dress wonderfully little boys who take their first steps! The duck blue lace of this child shoe will add a vintage side to your little boy's look; just like its sky blue lining. In addition, the TPR soles of this Derby-shaped children's shoe provide flexibility in movement and guarantee incomparable strength.

The designers, Olivia and Julie, are two sisters reviving iconic lines with a modern twist and a surprising combination of design, colors and print to unveil an elegant, yet playful collection of baby and kids shoes! Each item is handcrafted in their family atelier in France, using artisan savoir-faire at its finest. Patt’touch offers a comfortable and healthy option for growing feet staying as close as possible to barefoot. Patt'touch also offers customizable baby shoes for an unforgettable new birth gift!

General details:

Leather insoles.
TPR insoles in amber and beige color.
Sky blue leather lining.